A messenger app that started life on mobile devices but is now available for PCs

A messenger app that started life on mobile devices but is now available for PCs

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Program license: Free

Program by: WhatsApp Inc.

Version: 2.2108.8

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android Mac


Program license

(3,071 votes)


Program by


WhatsApp Inc.


Works under:

Also available for


Android Mac

WhatsApp is an instant messaging program that syncs seamlessly across multiple devices. It has quickly become one of the most popular messaging applications due to the slick and easy to use interface. It is free to download on any windows pc or laptop.

The main draw of Whatsapp is the ability to save data. Users can easily send messages from anywhere in the world as long as there is a Wifi connection. With just a few clicks, you can send messages from a pc directly to any mobile device with the app installed.

The Simple Interface

There is very little fluff when using WhatsApp. The interface is clean and every option at your disposal is well organized. The layout is extremely similar no matter which device you open it with. This allows current Android users to be instantly familiar with everything. If you haven't used WhatsApp before, you will quickly pick up on the ins and outs of the program. Before long, you will be messaging friends and coworkers like a pro.

Seamless Synchronization

By scanning a QR code, you connect the pc and mobile device to the same WhatsApp account. This allows both the pc program and mobile application to display the same messages simultaneously. Unlike most pc apps, you do need to have your mobile phone linked at all times. While this sounds like a bummer on paper, your phone will most likely be close by whenever you use your Windows machine anyways.

Multimedia Functionality

Any laptop with a microphone or webcam can take advantage of some advanced messaging features. You can send photos or short videos through the webcam. You can also record voice clips and send them to your contacts.

A Superior Chatting Experience

Of the myriad messaging services, WhatsApp delivers one of the smoothest chatting experiences around. The connection on PC is way more swift than on mobile devices. You won't have to wait for photos, video, and audio to load in. You can also host massive group chats of up to 256 people. This is a perfect way to keep a team of people well organized across a plethora of different devices. The larger screen size makes it easy to manage groups of this size without straining your eyes.

If you work on a computer for most of the day, WhatsApp will make your life much easier. You can quickly send messages to as many people as you need with little to no effort required.


  • More stable connection than mobile version
  • Top of the line encryption
  • Fully customizable notifications


  • Requires a phone at all times
  • No voice calls can be made
  • Your location cannot be shared