Send and receive messages while on the computer and not just a mobile device

Send and receive messages while on the computer and not just a mobile device

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Program license: Free

Program by: WhatsApp Inc.

Version: 2.2021.4

Works under: Mac

Also available for Windows Android


Program license

(74 votes)


Program by


WhatsApp Inc.


Works under:

Also available for


Windows Android

Whatsapp is a messaging application for Mac that allows users to communicate with each other through different types of instant messages. Even though the application was originally developed as an Android exclusive, its popularity has resulted in it becoming a multi-platform application. This latest addition allows Whatsapp to be used directly from a computer using Mac OSX. However, in order to be operational, Whatsapp for Mac requires the smartphone app to be open, active and linked.

Featuring a simple and streamlined interface, Whatsapp allows its users to quickly and easily browse existing chat logs or create new ones by directly messaging other users in their contact list. On the Android version of the app, certain additional functions can also be quickly activated with a couple of clicks, including voice and video calls. Unfortunately, the Mac version does not have these call features. Taking into account this important difference, it is understandable that the programmers of the Mac version of Whatsapp decided to implement a simplified interface consisting of only two tabs: chats and contacts.

In addition to text chats and direct SMS messages, Whatsapp for Mac allows users to send multimedia files to each other, including images, videos, GIF files, audio voice notes and even some types of documents. Without a doubt, this is a huge advantage as it allows for quick collaboration and project contribution between people who are far apart. As if all that wasn't enough, the app allows for the creation of groups of up to 256 members. The best thing about this software application for Mac is that it syncs itself automatically, allowing you to resume your chatting from another device with great ease.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Allows groups of up to 256 people
  • Allows transfering of audio, image and video files
  • Automatic syncing across devices
  • Easy to install


  • Requires mobile app linking
  • Does not have call features
  • Does not allow sharing your location